Software Development, Dashboards and more...
Tresory has produced several interactive models and interfaces with our partnering pharmaceutical consultants, such as:
- Dashboards for presenting results of pharmaco-economic evaluations and instantly updating them as per end-users modifications in parameter values.
-Dashboards for displaying statistical analysis of the model and instantly updating results as per end-users modifications in parameter values.

Some of the Software applications developed by Tresory include:
-a seat reservation and online ordering system for a restaurant,
-created Drupal enabled Document Management System - file sharing, document creation & document storage for corporate businesses.
-online pet tracking system.

Simple to use Passport, Visa Tracking status and Reports, built with Excel using macros.
Our customized Excel applications are automated for efficiency and accuracy. Data is integrated from multiple files automatically.
We also help our clients put together customised PowerPoint Presentations which do not use templates.
Our work is always confidential and hence never shared as part of our portfolio/presentations.

Mobile app development for mobile phones or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser.
Are you making a game or a custom application for your business? Responsive web applications are less expensive to develop and do not rely on native device features, rather common web browser features. We will help you decide what platform would be best for your mobile application.

We believe that revisions are part of improving and tweaking for the best results. We work as a team to achieve your objectives and successful completion.